Welcome to the VATN website! This is a collaborative resource for visual arts teachers and a portal to share our work with the world!   You are encouraged to explore and contribute to other sections of this site, including RESOURCES (with links and downloadable resource documents) and a BLOG SPACE where you can pose questions and... Continue Reading →

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First days of School

The new school year is fast approaching. Let’s share our ideas so we all get off to a strong start. I’ll start: I’ve got a 2” thick folder of ideas, but I’m still nervous for the big day (as are the students). I teach High School Art, but many of these ideas can be used... Continue Reading →

12/18 Ross Roadruck@West Lake MS

Sol DeWitt “Instructions” Beginning with a slide show of Sol DeWitt’s work and the IDEA of “Who is the Artist? Meet Conceptual Art” the project continued. Participants write a simple drawing  prompt and media on a small piece (4” x 4”) of paper. Fold or crumble and throw to another person. A participant can write... Continue Reading →

VATN meeting 3/13/19 at Montera MS, with Derrick Bell

  Teachers Present: Angela Baker, Derrick Bell, Deborah Green, Vanessa Guerrero, Jenny Hart, Rachel Kantor, Rebecca Recco, Ross Roadruck Agenda: Opening Question: What activity from the BuyBack Day have you integrated into your teaching practice and how? Welcome to Derrick Bellś classroom: Besides BEST VATN snack ever (see top photo), Derreck showed impressive projects from... Continue Reading →

VATN Fall Kick-Off 2018

Location: Ms. Green's classroom, Oakland Tech Notes: Jamie Treacy Mission:  Oakland Visual Art Teacher Network is a professional development collaborative for OUSD Visual Art Teachers, student teachers and our visual art and design community partners. Our time together is centered around project-based learning and hands-on art-making as a tool for growing our art teaching practice.... Continue Reading →

Paper Circuits at Chabot Elementary

Chabot Elementary, Oakland Mrs. Amber's 4th Grade Class 4th graders study electricity (circuits) in Science as a Standard. Students then extended their knowledge of circuits in the art room by planning a piece of artwork that lights up! Students used new materials such as copper tape, coin cell batteries and LED lights to complete their... Continue Reading →

VATN at Urban Promise Academy: Crystal Barr’s Classroom:

May 9, 2018 Location: Urban Promise Academy, Crystal Barr’s classroom (Art and STEAM Maker- Space) Teachers Present: Donna Salonga (Skyline), Lauren Litwin (Skyline), Jamie Treacy (Skyline), Deborah Gordon (OUSD), Roxanne Padgett (MOCHA), Vanessa Guererro (Oakland High), Amber Theme: Open Studio with Critique Discussion Teaching artists all brought one of their own artworks to work on... Continue Reading →

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