Skyline AP Studio Art with Mr. Treacy

Concentration artwork by Nanci Bocanegra from her series about the diversity of cultures in Latin-America

Our second year of AP Studio Art at Skyline has come to an end, and the portfolio websites are now live! We had a small group this year, but they were some of the most devoted and serious artists I’ve worked with.  The AP Studio Art Portfolio requires students create 24 pieces of art in a school year and submit them to College Board for evaluation. The two main portfolio categories are Breadth (demonstrating variety in skills and application) and Concentration (a sustained investigation around a student-chosen theme.) Below, I’ve selected several of the most memorable Concentration topics and an excerpt of their artist statement.  However, all of the portfolios can be viewed by clicking the link below:


-Mr. Treacy, Instructor for AP Studio Art

Emma GarciaEmma Garcia

Drawing Portfolio


“I decided to base my concentration on mythological creatures purely because of my 

love for the supernatural. Focusing my concentration on these creatures gave me the ability to take my personal spin on what how I would perceive them, adding a darker twist. Half of my concentration is of creatures that are from Greek mythology, the “original” mythological creatures, while the other half are monsters that I’ve made up.

When I created my concentration I wanted to focus on an idea that would challenge my skills and force me to grow as an artist, but also enhance what I’m already comfortable with doing- which is drawing with graphite. Some mythological creatures are already dark as it is, so I really had to push myself to add to add my twist on these creatures. Adding a somewhat gaunt expression and aesthetic on all my pieces. Throughout creating all my work, I paid special attention to the textures, from the fur on the Minotaur to the scales of the Shix. Coming up with the composition on each piece was a challenge that I enjoyed throughout all of my work.”

Visit Emma’s Portfolio Website

Annika Grannika grierier

2-D Design Portfolio

“The pieces in my concentration reflects the struggles and determination that immigrants and minorities have in America. My first three pieces represent the pain and struggles they experience. As a minority, I experience and witness situations such as being restricted by society because of stereotypical judgements and desperately wanting to live without any rules or boundaries. Immigrants and Minorities are stripped of confidence and ripped away from the dreams they had while growing up because of who they are. They’re being torn from the country they believed would give them a chance to make their lives better. In the middle of this series, I explored ways on how the oppressed can counter hate, and pushed my watercolor skills to create different kinds of scenarios.

I’ve created scenarios based on current events to represent the determination and courage shown despite backlash they receive. An example of a current event I reacted to is Donald Trump’s racist remarks on Mexicans and Muslims. They are taking the risks and chances to find their happiness, ignoring the outrage of those who disagree in the message of “change” and “equality”. I want to spread the message to make it worldwide, to show that they are not afraid in making a difference.”

Visit Annika’s Portfolio Website

Sandy Lusandy lu

Drawing Portfolio

“The central idea of my concentration is about glasses creating restriction towards a person’s happiness.

The dark colors of charcoal represent the restriction, while the vibrant colors of color pencil symbolize the happiness. The person’s inner mind is expressed in the background by the use of modeling paste.

I have worn glasses for over five years and my vision has been turning worse each year. I remember doing an obstacle course during camp, and my glasses constantly slid down or completely fell off at certain times. Fun things, like that, can only be seen and experienced with a blurry vision. Even though I don’t mind wearing glasses, I hated how I had to depend on my glasses.”

Visit Sandy’s Portfolio Website

Bryce HarrisonBryce Harrison

2-D Design Portfolio

“I make album covers that are inspired by the music I listen to and the art associated with it. I bring a piece of my life into the album covers by incorporating photographs into each piece. The photos I use are of me, a friend, or a family member. All these aspects come together to connect my love for arts and my friends and family. I make all of my album covers in Photoshop, using different techniques across multiple pieces.”

Visit Bryce’s Portfolio Website

tyatie suarezTyatie Suarez

Drawing Portfolio

“The subject matter for all my pieces involve the physical and psychological effect that the fear has on living species, not only including humans but every living animal. My art depicts rational and irrational fears and shows the many scenarios where a growing sense of fear is shown. The reason for why I chose this topic is because I, and many people, can relate to almost all of these events. It can be difficult for some people to be creative and tell a story about the issues they face.”



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