12/18 Ross Roadruck@West Lake MS

Sol DeWitt “Instructions” Beginning with a slide show of Sol DeWitt’s work and the IDEA of “Who is the Artist? Meet Conceptual Art” the project continued. Participants write a simple drawing  prompt and media on a small piece (4” x 4”) of paper. Fold or crumble and throw to another person. A participant can write... Continue Reading →

VATN meeting 3/13/19 at Montera MS, with Derrick Bell

  Teachers Present: Angela Baker, Derrick Bell, Deborah Green, Vanessa Guerrero, Jenny Hart, Rachel Kantor, Rebecca Recco, Ross Roadruck Agenda: Opening Question: What activity from the BuyBack Day have you integrated into your teaching practice and how? Welcome to Derrick Bellś classroom: Besides BEST VATN snack ever (see top photo), Derreck showed impressive projects from... Continue Reading →

VATN Fall Kick-Off 2018

Location: Ms. Green's classroom, Oakland Tech Notes: Jamie Treacy Mission:  Oakland Visual Art Teacher Network is a professional development collaborative for OUSD Visual Art Teachers, student teachers and our visual art and design community partners. Our time together is centered around project-based learning and hands-on art-making as a tool for growing our art teaching practice.... Continue Reading →

VATN at Urban Promise Academy: Crystal Barr’s Classroom:

May 9, 2018 Location: Urban Promise Academy, Crystal Barr’s classroom (Art and STEAM Maker- Space) Teachers Present: Donna Salonga (Skyline), Lauren Litwin (Skyline), Jamie Treacy (Skyline), Deborah Gordon (OUSD), Roxanne Padgett (MOCHA), Vanessa Guererro (Oakland High), Amber Theme: Open Studio with Critique Discussion Teaching artists all brought one of their own artworks to work on... Continue Reading →

VATN at Castlemont: Rosemary Marr’s Classroom

Workshop Leader: Rosemary Marr Participants: Shanti Provasoli (Prospective teacher), Vanessa Guerrero (Oakland High), Kristen Vetterlein (Grass Valley), Amber Miller (Chabot), Lisa  Perkins (Edna Brewer), Crystal Barr (Urban Promise Academy), Deborah Gordon (Central Office), Jamie Treacy (Skyline), Ana Ponce (Skyline). "How to Teach Art Without Art Supplies" School bling made out of cardboard. Necklace made with... Continue Reading →

Digital Wood Carving: Carl Barone’s Design Lab at Roosevelt Middle School

Teachers Present: Donna Salonga, Jamie Treacy, Carl Barone, Shanti Provasoli, Carissa Moline, Tiffany Allen, Roxanne Padgett, Vanessa Guererro, Michelle Lewis, Deborah Green and Debora Gordon. Background: Carl Barone teaches design to grades 6-8 at Roosevelt Middle School.  He teaches a large IEP and English Learner population. Most classes are 32 students.  His classroom is set... Continue Reading →

VATN Professional Development 1/26/18

Thanks everyone who came out for our second all-day professional development.  We've embedded our slides from the the day that have the facilitator indicated for each activity.  If you're looking for a resource from one of the workshops, we'll attach them here. Also, feel free to email the facilitator directly to consult. If you haven't... Continue Reading →

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