VATN meeting 3/13/19 at Montera MS, with Derrick Bell


Teachers Present: Angela Baker, Derrick Bell, Deborah Green, Vanessa Guerrero, Jenny Hart, Rachel Kantor, Rebecca Recco, Ross Roadruck

Agenda: Opening Question: What activity from the BuyBack Day have you integrated into your teaching practice and how?

Welcome to Derrick Bellś classroom: Besides BEST VATN snack ever (see top photo), Derreck showed impressive projects from his M.S. classroom (in photos, on display in school hallways). He teaches with a breadth of materials and techiques- imaginative and realistic teaching the elements and principles of art and design.

Issues and Answers Discussion: Working with students with a Short Attention Span. And Working with students classified as SPED, with IEPS or 504s mainstreamed without professional or outside support.

Group Activity: Mr. Bell set up a still life arrangement with less than 10 objects, provided drawing boards, 18¨x 24″ white paper, oil pastels, watercolors, markers and colored pencils. We just drew with music in the background, which was the medicine all needed after the teacher strike.

Closing Question: How can you use love as a guiding force in your classroom?



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