VATN at Urban Promise Academy: Crystal Barr’s Classroom:

May 9, 2018

Location: Urban Promise Academy, Crystal Barr’s classroom (Art and STEAM Maker- Space)

Teachers Present: Donna Salonga (Skyline), Lauren Litwin (Skyline), Jamie Treacy (Skyline), Deborah Gordon (OUSD), Roxanne Padgett (MOCHA), Vanessa Guererro (Oakland High), Amber

Theme: Open Studio with Critique Discussion

Teaching artists all brought one of their own artworks to work on in community.  We opened the VATN meeting by sharing our current projects (then concepts behind them, the materials used, etc).  


Jamie: acrylic painting

Crystal: laser-cutter artwork

Donna: glazing ceramic

Lauren: stencil

Deborah: book illustration

Vanessa: t-shirt project, based on the documentary “The Life of a T-Shirt.” Block printed patterns on a t-shirt.

Amber: Gelli printing plate

Studio Time:

Each person works independently on their art project while sharing experiences from life and the classroom.

Critique (Last 15 minutes):

Crystal shares prompts for discussing and critiquing artwork that could be used in the classroom

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