VATN Fall Kick-Off 2018

Location: Ms. Green’s classroom, Oakland Tech

Notes: Jamie Treacy


Oakland Visual Art Teacher Network is a professional development collaborative for OUSD Visual Art Teachers, student teachers and our visual art and design community partners. Our time together is centered around project-based learning and hands-on art-making as a tool for growing our art teaching practice.

VATN provides a safe and supportive space for arts teachers to share their best practices, receive advice on classroom dilemmas, and to nurture the art teacher’s creative spirit. VATN provides the opportunity for members to be both workshop participants and workshop facilitators.  Through our Wednesday professional development series, we tour each other’s arts programs and build upon our collective knowledge base. We share a common vision that our school district is a place where all children deserve a rigorous, relevant and joyful visual art experience.

Check In:

What do you look forward to this year in VATN? 

  • (Excerpts) Chances to share projects, meet with other art teachers and to feel less isolated, collaborate with art teachers at the same grade level, learn new art skills.


Deborah Green (Oakland Tech), Rachel Kantor (Skyline High School), Amanda Eicher (CUES), Carl Barone (Roosevelt), Lisa Perkins (Edna Brewer), Ellie Marcial  (Student teacher Edna Brewer), Jamie Treacy (Skyline), Derrick Bell (Montera), Rebecca Reco (Bret Harte), Amber Miller (Chabot), Vanessa Guererro (Oakland High), Carla Oden (Skyline), Ross Roadruck (Westlake Middle), Kristen Vetterlein (Grasslake), Debora Gordon (OUSD New Teacher Support), Ana Ponce (Skyline), Sarah Wilner (OUSD VAPA), Amy Espiritu (OUSD VAPA)

Interactive Survey:

  1. As an OUSD teacher what do you need and why?  Teachers brainstormed in small groups their urgent and ongoing needs. Emerging trends were more support, supplies and time. IMG_0007
  2. As a VATN member what do you need from this group and why? Teachers shared their hopes for our PD work this year.  Emerging themes were technology PDs, resource-sharing, curriculum building and being a sounding board for each other. IMG_0002
  3. What is a current puzzle in your teaching practice? Teachers worked in trios to share/paraphrase/scribe their current dilemmas. Emerging themes described on the post-its below.IMG_0008



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