VATN Professional Development 1/26/18

Thanks everyone who came out for our second all-day professional development.  We've embedded our slides from the the day that have the facilitator indicated for each activity.  If you're looking for a resource from one of the workshops, we'll attach them here. Also, feel free to email the facilitator directly to consult. If you haven't... Continue Reading →

Mr. Treacy and Ms. Hale’s Art 2 Class

These works are from a recent acrylic painting unit inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.  Students studied her diverse pictorial strategies and made two works of art inspired by the Skyline landscape.  The first piece was a "Visual Metaphor" painting and the second one was "Abstracted Nature."  

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Salonga

    Where do you teach and what grade levels take your courses? Skyline High, Ceramics, beginning and Advanced, 9-12 grade Where are you from and how did you end up here? I was born and raised in San Francisco. I thought Iwould teach in S.F. but I had a connection to Skyline High and... Continue Reading →

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

 5/10/17  Enjoyed our last meet up of the year at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse.  Big thanks to the Depot's and  Education Coordinator, Natasha Stillman for making this possible! Participants: James Treacy, Skyline; Amber Miller, Chabot; Deborah Gordon, OUSD; Kristin Vetterlein, Grass Valley; Michelle Lewis, Glenview; Aracely Sifuentes-Ordaz, Melrose Leadership Academy; Ann Wettrich,... Continue Reading →

Create Studio at Roosevelt

April 12, 2017 - Session at Roosevelt Middle School, Create Studio with presenters Brooke Toczlowski and Carl Barone. Participants: Blanka Soltys/Fremont; Aracely Sifuentes/Melrose Leadership Academy; Claudia Goodman-Hough/Redwood Heights, Lisa Hoffman/Redwood Heights,Jamie Treacy/Skyline; JohnChristie/Castlemont; Deborah Gordon/Castlemont, Nestor Gonzalez/Dewey; Leah Jensen/McClymonds), Julia / Maker Education, Michelle Lewis/Glenview, John Christie/Castlemont; Amber Miller/Chabot, Kristen Vetterlein/Grass Valley, Carl Barone/Roosevelt-presenter, Brooke Toczylowski/Oakland... Continue Reading →

STEAM in Mr. Treacy’s Classroom

March 8, 2017  STEAM workshop at Skyline, presented by James Treacy Participants: James Treacy, Karen Gorman (student teacher from CSU East Bay), Ana Ponce, Skyline; Donna Salonga, Skyline; Lauren Litwin, Skyline, Ann Wettrich, OUSD VAPA facilitator. Serving as host and presenter for this STEAM workshop "Creating a Line of Inquiry," Jamie introduced the workshop--exploring art/science connections and... Continue Reading →

VATN at the Oakland Museum of CA

Participants: Visual Arts Teachers - Blanka Soltys/Fremont & Oakland Tech; Michelle Lewis/Glenview; VAPA – Phil Rydeen and Ann Wettrich Visual Arts Supplies – Phil reported that the he is working though the OUSDchannels and should be able to follow up soon, in providing all teachers who applied for $800 in supply funding with confirmation, PO... Continue Reading →

Visual & Peforming Arts PD “Buy Back” Day at International Community School

Participants: Visual Art Teachers - Jamie Treacy/Skyline, Deborah Green/Oakland Tech, Carissa Moline/New Highland, Michele Lee/Encompass, Aracely Sifuentes-Ordaz /Melrose Leadership Academy; OUSD VAPA team – Ann Wettrich. We enjoyed gathering with music teachers in the morning for a workshop on Trauma Informed Schools and Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) and then having our own visual... Continue Reading →

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