Digital Wood Carving: Carl Barone’s Design Lab at Roosevelt Middle School

Teachers Present: Donna Salonga, Jamie Treacy, Carl Barone, Shanti Provasoli, Carissa Moline, Tiffany Allen, Roxanne Padgett, Vanessa Guererro, Michelle Lewis, Deborah Green and Debora Gordon.

Background: Carl Barone teaches design to grades 6-8 at Roosevelt Middle School.  He teaches a large IEP and English Learner population. Most classes are 32 students.  His classroom is set up as a maker space with computers, hands-on materials .  A large part of his job is spent preparing his lab space, customizing storage and applying for grants.

This year, Roosevelt will be participating in the East Bay Maker Faire on Saturday, May 20.  Eighth graders who have been working with Carl for the past three years will be presenting projects!

Cool Opportunity: Bring your students to the Maker Faire on May 19. Find out more:

It’s the intersection of art and making and technology. Carl uses Design Thinking and Studio Habits of Mind.

Activity: 3D Carving with Carvey Machine

  • Create an account
  • Enter into “Easel” application
  • Design your image
    • Considerations: depth of cut, filled shapes or outlines, size of drill bit and time to print
  • Connect to the Carvey and CARVE!

Here are some photos:

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