STEAM in Mr. Treacy’s Classroom

March 8, 2017  STEAM workshop at Skyline, presented by James Treacy

Participants: James Treacy, Karen Gorman (student teacher from CSU East Bay), Ana Ponce, Skyline; Donna Salonga, Skyline; Lauren Litwin, Skyline, Ann Wettrich, OUSD VAPA facilitator.

Serving as host and presenter for this STEAM workshop “Creating a Line of Inquiry,” Jamie introduced the workshop–exploring art/science connections and thinking about how to support student research, sustained inquiries, and development of a body of work. He began by talking about his interests in learning more about how artists give themselves assignments and set parameters to inspire the development and evolution of their work. He discussed teaching struggles–how to help students identify their own curiosities and begin formulating generative, open-ended questions to fuel their work?

To engage us in this topic, he asked us to jot down and share our own interests and questions in the art/science realms. We identified a handful of things, including:  how the brain interprets new languages, layered memories, inspirations of science fiction, anatomy, botany, and harvest as metaphor for intersections of nature and culture.  After a brief discussion, Jamie delivered a power point presentation.  He outlined key ideas, providing us with the opportunity to review and discuss the works of artists who were inspired by scientific ideas, imagery and methods–Swedish artist, Hilma af Klint, born in 1862 and contemporary artist Wolfgang Ganter.


Before concluding, we had a little time to discuss and explore the resource links Jamie provided and dive into our own research questions, making connections and thinking about how we might apply the ideas presented.  Lastly, we took a look at one student’s sustained investigation work (featured above).

We hope to keep this conversation going, participants are invited to share their ideas/imagery on the website blog page or with Jamie directly.

To learn more–Check out the Resources under STEAM in the resource page of this website.  You can download his powerpoint presentation here.  PP.STEAM.Wkshp.Series1.JTreacy

NEXT MEETING:  Mark your calendars– Wed, April 12th, 2-4.  Place and theme to be announced.

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